Thursday, February 17, 2011


My friend Gloria got a message from Ryan saying a Jeff D. with the email saying :

"stef has been all up on me since you two were together. and she is on me right now. by the way this is what she thinks of yo druggy ass"

-Blank Stare-

So I heard this and called him asking him to forward the email...Ryan said he sent the email to my email but some how I have received nothing.4 times!

So I had him send it to my work email...

It was BLANK.

So he sends it again...said he copied and pasted it...and the message above it was it said.

So I emailed the guy Jeff or whoever it is, asking but no response

He also told me he got the email at 6:52 and yet told my friend at 6:35. I asked him for the time again Ryan is sticking to 6:52 yet told my friend about this at 6:35

How would ANYONE on the forum know his REAL name and EMAIL?

Does this sound like an addict story to you?


LaaLaa Monroe said...

He's sick, honestly.

Somehow you need to cut all ties with him. It's poisonous having someone like that in your life imo.

He'll do anything to be the monkey on your back.