Friday, February 18, 2011


After NUMEROUS calls from the jail and NUMEROUS denying them.

After many hours by myself, alone, thinking....

Ryan was arrested for burglary.Bail is $50,000 and bond $5,000. I dunno why he is calling me...I DO NOT have that money and if I did I WOULD NOT use it on his bail!

His story is that while he was on the streets, he apparently became a police informant. Meaning a RANDOM cop asked him to help take down drug dealers. Well today, he went to tell the cop he no longer wanted to do it. So the cop arrested him and charged him with Burglary.Even though he did not break into anywhere. Which then it would be considered trespass. But we ALL know that his behavior is that of an since his mouth is moving, he is lying.

This is where my blank stare comes in and smirk.

So do I believe the story he is giving others? No.

We all know that he MOST LIKELY got caught red handed and is just trying to work his way out of it.


Stephie J said...

bahahhaahha!!!!!!! stupid idiot! Karmas a bitch!

Barry said...

I'm glad you can see things this way Stef. I'm proud of you. :)