Wednesday, March 23, 2011



So! HELLO! Ryan has still been in jail...for almost a good 2 months now...No surprise. He hasnt called so we are gonna skip this part. Out of sight, out of mind.
So that one guy,....Yeah weve been talking.Not sure whats gonna come of it. I know he makes me feel those butterflies, those goosebumps and yet we still havent gone out.So what to REALLY tell you.

I feel WAY better. I am no longer crying and I NOW see that he , Ryan is bad for me. I mean as much as I thought he was the one for me, he's not. If he was, he wouldnt have treated me so horribly.

So what is REALLy going on with this new dude. Not sure. LOTS of flirting. Lots of playfulness. I am just enjoying it. I am SINGLE. He's Single...and to be honest, he has a GREAT job and a strong sense of humor and stability (So I hope) I just am enjoying this ME time.


test said...

hey! hope you're well....
hopefully you'll update soon!